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Welcome to Explorness!

A small and safe place for landscape photographers, where you can share, talk and communicate safely. If you really believe in photography as an art, you are welcome to join!

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The cost to maintain our site live including CDN services, licenses, maintenance on features and other minor fixes are currently on average of $55 USD (£41, €46) a month.

Thanks to everyone who are contributing to our small community and we are always growing. All costs are 100% paid for by Explorness and whatever donations we receive.

You are under no obligation to donate . However if you find yourself in a position and would like to help and support your favorite non-profit macro community site, we will accept any small or big donations to simply keep our service running. All donations can be made by upgrade account or simple donating here. Anything donated will go directly to Explorness Host's services and other licenses which are required to keep our site legal and live.
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