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  • Schizophyllum commune

    My first mushrooms of 2024. Taken from the pile of firewood to start the stove and rehydrated a...
  • Waterfall

    Recently taken with my Dji Mini 3 pro at Natural Bridge, Springbrook Gold Coast.
  • Male Belted Kingfisher

  • Baħar iċ-ċagħaq Saltpans

    Trekking this place some time back, I waited for the perfect day to have the best sun position...
  • Thomas Becket Church in Fairfield Kent UK

    On the marshland of Romney Marsh is a lonely church of Thomas Becket in a lost village of...


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Let's have a bit of fun.

The game is called Cities.

We will travel a bit in time in this thread. Let's see how many cities we can have.
Share the best photo you've taken in a city you've liked so much. You also have to say, why the city must to be...

Old silver images?

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For those of you who have had the feel of developer and fixer between your fingers in a darkroom; or those who have just taken a silver B&W, I thought it would be fun showing those past images that have collected dust from the past. If you work in a...

Your favourites in 2022

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Hello to you all!
I thought it would be a good idea to create this Photo Game in which we could put the 3 favourite photos we took in 2022.
If possible, it would be nice if the photos you propose were not already posted on Explorness.
It was not easy...